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What makes a good Shopper?

A good mystery shopper is reliable, follows instructions completely, completes reports on time, has a good eye for service and has excellent written skills.


How do I get Paid?

Our policy it to pay shoppers within 30 days of receiving the completed report.  Most of the time it is much faster, but our policy is 30 days.


How long will it take to get my first assignment?

You could receive your first assignment in a couple days, or it could take months. Considerations include: The availability of shopping assignments in your area and number of qualified shoppers.  In one City, we have over 8000 applicants for less than 1500 assignments. It’s a tough job determining which applicant will be called. Shoppers that do excellent work, tend to be recalled first.  But, don’t let that discourage you. We have many areas where shoppers are needed immediately and our needs change on a constant and steady basis.


How much do assignments pay?

Typically assignments pay from $5.00 to $25.00, plus a shopping allowances—A typical restaurant shop allowance is usually $25.00 to $50.00. But, the more complex or time consuming the shop, the better the pay. Going through the motions at a Car Dealership could take a couple hours and pay over $150.00. 

Other consideration such as video taping or photographs could sharply increase your pay.


How can I improve my chances of becoming a Mystery Shopper?

There are many ways shoppers can get noticed and recognized, and much of that information is covered in  “The Mystery Shoppers Guide”.   Membership to the National Association of Mystery Shoppers shows that your are serious about shopping, and NAMS will make your profile available to the top mystery shopping companies.  At the Corporate Intelligence Group you can get noticed immediately by becoming an ExpressLine Member.


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Do you want more shopping assignments?


Take advantage of NAMS membership and profile builder.

Make your Profile available to over 100 of the nations most trusted shopping firms.

Easily update your information to every company in one easy step!



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